01.01 is an art platform offering a more conscious and sustainable way of acquiring contemporary art, focusing on African and African Diaspora´s production. Created by African/Brazilian artists and curators, we are supported by institutions in UK (Bockantaj- England), Portugal (Galeria ILHA DO GRILO -Lisbon) and Ghana (Ghanaian Foundation For Contemporary Art). Our aim is to reverse ancient slavery trade routes into a cultural exchange circuit promoting fair ways of collecting and consuming art. Before the limitations regarding the tools for reading and experiencing contemporary art and its relation with worldwide silenced cultures, the 01.01 platform emerges as a project where the art market and its components are committed to create a new global environment. Concerned to present a solid experience, our activities enable a enormous circulation of artworks, artists and critical content generating not only visibility, but a selected and engaged family of collectors. Therefore, adding value to such productions we promote emerging artists and intensify the research of established ones. In other hand by connecting this process with collectors, we promote a active art network where is possible not only consuming art but also taking part in a greater venture by creating a healthier market for all. Our goal is to create a new art experience that reconnects collectors with artists in new world projects.

Our activities comprehend: residencies, exhibitions, acquisition of artwork, art advisory, symposiums, publications and educational programs for art acquisition.​ We are:

Ana Beatriz Almeida

Curator, performer and art historian focused in African Brazilian manifestations. Guest curator in Glasgow International 2020. In the beginning of 2019 she has been to a curatorship residency in Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria. She has taught a summer class of her own performance technique in Goldsmiths University and took part at the International Residency Can Serrat in Barcelona during summer 2018 performing Look at Urself- her latest work. Still in 2019, she launched her last performance work “Sobre o Sacrifício Ritual” based on ritualistic sacrifice and black female body in Brazil; the last society to abolish slavery trade. She has developed her own performance method, a result of 13 years experience as Butoh dancer 7 years dedication to Afro-Brazilian tradition. N'Gomku is a creative corporal technique that delineates traditions of death in African Brazilian communities. She has dedicated the last 11 years researching death rites in the region of “Recôncavo Baiano” (Bahia,Brazil) and its relation to West Africa cultures.

Keyna Eleison

Curator. Researcher, heiress Griot and shaman, narrator, singer, ancient chronicler. Master in Art History and specialist in Art History and Architecture from PUC - Rio (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro); Bachelor of Philosophy from UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). Member of the African Heritage Commission for laureation of the Valongo Wharf region as a World Heritage Site (UNESCO). Curator of the 10th. SIART International Biennial and Liverpool Biennial 2020/2021's publication with Manuela Moscoso, Bolivia. Currently chronicler of Contemporary & magazine, Professor of the Free Learning Program at Parque Lage School of Visual Arts, Rio de Janeiro and Artistic Director at Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro (MAM-RIo) with Pablo Lafuente.

Moisés Patrício

Visual Artist graduated at the University of São Paulo. Moisés Patrício works with photography, video, performance, rituals, and installations dealing with elements from Latin, Afro-Brazilian and African cultures. Exhibitions: “Afro-Atlantic Stories” at MASP and Instituto Tomie Ohtake (São Paulo, 2016), ‘Dakar Biennale” at the Museum of African Arts (Senegal, 2016), "Afro-Brazilian New Hand" at Afro Museum Brazil (São Paulo, SP, 2014), "Paper of Silk" at the Institute of Research and Memory New Blacks - IPN Memorial Museum (Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 2014), “Metropolis: Paulista Experience”, Estação Pinacoteca, curator Tadeu Chiarelli, São Paulo - SP, "OSSO Exhibition - appeal to the broad right of defense of Rafael Braga", curator Paulo Miyada, Tomie Ohtake Institute (São Paulo, SP, 2017) and "Purity is a myth: the monochrome in contemporary art", Galeria Nara Roesler, curator Michael Asbury. Moises also coordinates, since 2006, collective actions in cultural spaces at the city of São Paulo, SP.

Camilla Rocha Campos

Born in Barbacena live and work in Rio de Janeiro. Camilla Rocha Campos is artist, teacher, researcher, writer and self-revolutionary. Her artistic practice is collaborative, built through the contribution of people in contexts full of emotion and criticism. In this relational field Camilla proposes art and non-art experiences. She participates in seminars, talks and projects in Brazil and other countries, building and sharing aesthetic / artistic processes from non-hegemonic logics. In 2016, she was a resident artist at the CAPACETE International Program, in Rio de Janeiro, where since 2017 she has been the director. She holds a master's degree in Art Theory and Criticism from the UERJ Arts Institute. She is currently teacher at Parque Lage Art School and at Maré Art School.

João Simões

They work as an artist, curator, researcher and teacher. Together with Cláudio Bueno, founded the platform Explode! through a cultural and artistic practice that is often perceived as peripheral, he explores ideas of gender, race and class while touching upon areas such as education, town planning and social justice. Simões is a member of the study group Extremidades, which deals with audiovisual networks, film, performance and contemporary art.  As curator, speaker or performer, they have appeared in the following intitutions: Sesc SP, CCBB-SP, Paço das Artes, MASP and PUC-SP. They presented their performance Vera Verão in collaboration with Aretha Sadick, at the exhibition Agora somos todxs negrxs? (Are we all blacks now?) at Videobrasil (São Paulo, 2017); and at the exhibition Arte veículo at Sesc Pompeia (São Paulo, 2018), in which he thematized "queer blackness" in the media and arts by means of speech, music and video. They are a participant in the Live Art Workshop at Partout and is supported by Pro Helvetia COINCIDENZIA. Currently, Simões' research is foccused on time, corporeality, nature exploitation, ancestrality and crystals.

Curator assistant
Thayná Trindade

Graduating in Art History at the School of Fine Arts - UFRJ. Founding member of the Afruology and Amerindian Studies laboratory Geru Maa | UFRJ. Her research is focused on Contemporary Black Art and curatorial processes in the Brazilian diaspora. She also serves as a curatorial assistant at 0101 Art Platform. She is currently curatorial assistant at MAR (Museum of Art of Rio).



Alexandre dos Anjos
Alexandre dos Anjos

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Ana Beatriz Almeida
Ana Beatriz Almeida

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Alexandre dos Anjos
Alexandre dos Anjos

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Alexandre dos Anjos

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Death & Life Art Residency

The purpose of this residency is to promote a creative immersion in the town that was the biggest port in Latin America during the global trade of enslaved human trafficking during the 18th and early 19thcenturies. The residency takes place during the 16 days culminating at the end with an understanding of the whole cycle of festivals and collective rituals. The intention is to promote an active dialogue between the land, the architectural memories and humans agency over it.

Within the promotion of  both life experience and formal research, the project aims to explore this counter-necropower during its most intense period with an intergenerational dialogue between three huge masters of African Contemporary Art  and young African Diasporic artists/researchers connected with this logical system. The greatest interest of this residency is to connect knowers of non-hegemonic ethics and aesthetics who are directly affected by colonialism and understand it as a crime against humanity. During the first edition the following artists were part of the Residency: Melvin Edwards, Helen Sebidi , Kapela Paulo, Alberta Whittle, Ana Beatriz Almeida, Sabrina Henry, Moises Patricio and Sekai Machache.

Decolonial Collection Workshop

As a result of the socio-cultural changes underway in recent decades, which find their apex in the COVID-19 pandemic, this course aims to introduce new ethical and aesthetic demands of the art market in a more practical and profound way. It seeks a more diverse and critical understanding of contemporary art productions of decolonial character, especially from African and Afro-descendant productions. The objective of the 5-month course is to become familiar with such production, as well as to develop critical tools and refine performances of social impact corresponding to the new demands resulting from the racial and institutional crisis brought as a historical mark of the current pandemic. Thus, the methodology of the meetings will include: case studies, introduction to philosophical and cosmogonic concepts, as well as field research and curatorial practice. The sessions will be organized once a week in meetings focused on specific fields such as institutional performance, new tools for reading contemporary art and artistic practices as language. Every last meeting of the month will be marked by an interdisciplinary activity in order to promote the fusion of the disciplines mentioned above. At the end of the five months, the group will carry out complete curatorial projects under the consultancy of the facilitators and assistance of the 01.01 platform.

The Art Investors Lab

A space with curators, researchers and artists where collectors are invited to access the conceptual background of the artwork and take part in new projects. These labs are spaces to create healthier, more sustainable and vivid experiences of acquiring art. During the activities, art collectors not only have access to exclusive artworks but they are also encouraged to acknow the social and cultural context implied on them. The intention of such events is to engage and inspire collectors to the artistic productions.

The Re-inventing Life Workshops

In order to unveil silenced logics during the colonialism, this space is dedicated to decrease the distance between the art productions and other expressions spreaded all over the world during the trade of slavered human beings. The workshops are consolidated worldwide as residences, reuniting cultural leaders, artists, curators and art collectors members of the platform.

The Artistic Advisor Clinic

The Advisor Clinic intends to support emerging artists attending their creative processes. This project orientates the attendants regarding their research and organization of their production in order to speed up their development.

New World Projects

Composed by a complex network of artists, curators, collectors, art spaces and thinkers from the Atlantic region, our exhibitions present themes and necessities driven by the relation of our members with the market and society. These intend to be more than art shows displaying the efforts of our members in building up a new world.


Our network of thinkers, proponents and cultural spaces is present on four continents. The 01.01 platform is the result of the collaboration with the following institutions:



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